Adam Project calling people into action

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A wave of violence in Dayton has a local grassroots organization calling people to action.  The Adam Project is placing the crime debt on neighborhoods.

The group’s founder and president says recent murders signal the beginning of a long, tumultuous summer.

Rev. Jerome McCorry mentioned the recent public shooting at College Hill Park in Dayton that killed Aaron Smith.  “It’s not right when you have folk murdering each other over debts and basketball games”, he commented.  McCorry sees peace keeping as a part of the Adam Project’s mission and that volunteers can be the eyes and ears of the community.

“We must challenge people to report what they see and cooperate with police. If we live in community where the citizens don’t care, you can’t expect much from the police.”

Last week’s discovery of the body of Nichelle McKnight, 25, near the Stillwater River has become a rallying cry for the organization’s mission.

McKnight, a single mother, was presumably murdered by Antwan Anderson who committed suicide during a shootout with Dayton Police.

“I think we must remember her and use this as a call to stop this madness. she should become the face of the day this city decided to change.”

The Adam Project is looking for community volunteers, complete with training sessions.

That group will also help with block parties which, this year, are all dedicated to the memory of Nichelle McKnight.

Visit the Adam Project online or call 937-684-8634.



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