Owner signs mauling pit bull over to county

Pit bull attack in Huber Heights. (WDTN Photo)
Pit bull attack in Huber Heights. (WDTN Photo)

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – The dog that mauled a utility worker Wednesday is in quarantine.

The Animal Resource Center says the pit bull must be held ten days before any action can be taken.

We did some checking Thursday and learned that the dog’s owner signed ownership of her pet over to the county.

ARC Mick Sagester says the owner, Angela Green, did the right thing by giving up the dog since it acted out violently.

The dog will not be eligible for adoption. It will be tested for rabies.

The dog mauled the utility worker when she entered the backyard of its home on Sebring Drive.

The owner told police her daughter didn’t realize the worker was in the yard when she let the dog outside.

Green says the utility company usually tells her when they’re coming, but she said they did not this time.

The victim works for USIC. She is recovering from her injuries.



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