Bellbrook believers take Good Friday cross walk

BELLBROOK, Ohio (WDTN) – As the Lenten season nears its end with Easter Sunday, more than 65 Bellbrook Christians celebrated their faith in a symbolic way.

They could be heard singing, “We’re you there when they crucified my Lord,” Friday, as they celebrated Good Friday.

Followers walked in solidarity and with a purpose.  Christ’s Church, Wings Christian Fellowship and Bellbrook Community Church each took up a cross to reflect and celebrate the sacrifices of their Savior.

Despite any discomfort and fatigue from the trail which led to Bellbrook Park, followers said it was a small deed compared to Jesus dying on the cross.

2 NEWS asked Bellbrook Community Church parishioner Dick Rodgers how important his faith was to him and fellow followers.

“Very important.  It’s the bedrock of our faith.  If there was no Resurrection, no death of Christ, no Resurrection, we wouldn’t have a faith,” he said.

Like the Kettering resident, other community members agreed that Friday’s cross walk was an important expression and celebration of their of faith . However, they also noted that the act brings together Christians around Bellbrook.

“Anytime that you can identify with fellow believers, followers of Christ, it is always encouraging; it’s always uplifting,” said Rodgers.

Senior Pastor Ralph Vencill told 2 NEWS this Lenten season inspires him and his followers to renew their faith and put it to practice.

“Easter gives us the opportunity to celebrate not just this weekend, but every day of our life and to overcome the situations that come our way,” said Vencill.

Easter will be celebrated among these followers and Christians around the world Sunday.

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