Man accused of being digital peeping tom

MORAINE, Ohio (WDTN) – A local man found out this weekend that getting caught playing peek a boo with a camera of any source can mean a trip to jail.

The incident happened mid-afternoon Sunday at the Walmart on Dorothy Lane in Moraine.

The store’s loss prevention officer said he observed the accused, Michael Whited, being a digital peeping Tom.

“I saw a male looking for females wearing a skirt. He would come up from behind, appear to lean down with video what was underneath the skirt.”

Sgt. Keegan explained the code’s section D which details specifically in part, no person shall videotape, photograph, record or spy under or through clothing. As technology expands, lawmakers have had to tweak the parameters of charges like voyeurism.

Dr. Jon Feldmeier, attorney and professor at Wright State says, the law has struggled with the advances in technology and if there is no law to address the issue, there is no crime.

“Technology is getting smaller and smaller and people can do so much more in public. The debate is what is the expectation of privacy.”

Whited is scheduled to appear in Kettering court on the two voyeurism charges Thursday morning.

He is out of jail after posting $2,000 bond.


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