Crime Stoppers join the search for Zaden McKnight

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Crime Stoppers is joining the search for Zaden McKnight, the young boy believed killed alongside his mother.

Zaden loved to play in his mini police cruiser, a Christmas present from his grandmother, but now “Officer McKnight” as he called himself, is the subject of a real-life investigation.

Police continue to search for him along the river in Harrison Township, the same place his mother’s body was found.

“Once all of that is done, I believe that I can rest and most likely Nichelle can rest,” said Michelle Zaden, Zaden’s grandmother.

Dayton police say Crime Stoppers tips have been instrumental in the investigation to this point and they’re hoping you come through one more time.

“I think there are people out there that know because there have been calls on this case up to this point. So, I think there are still those out there that have that last little bit of information that we need to bring this little boy home,” said Cayce Cantrell, Crime Stoppers.

To report a tip, call 222-7867.


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