Out-of-control car leaves a trail of damage

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The driver of a car lost control and crashed into a parked van, then rammed into a truck on Wyoming Street Wednesday morning.

Police said the man was traveling down Wyoming Street near St. Paul Avenue when he crashed his car.

Jennings Adkins is the owner of one of the vehicles involved in this accident.  Adkins said this is the 12th time that someone hit his vehicle in 23 years. He said his insurance rates continue to climb as a result if the accidents.

Adkins said the city needs to do something to stop these accidents from happening again.

“Summertime, starting the warm weather, it actually speeds up,” Adkins said. “You’ve got more people on the road running around late at night.”

Officers told 2 NEWS the driver who caused this accident will more than likely be charged with failure to control.

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