Possible meth lab prompts evacuation in Dayton

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton police say they found a suspected meth lab inside an apartment on Woodman Drive early Thursday.

Police and firefighters started knocking on doors in the Claypool Apartments around 12:30, telling residents to get out. Dayton RTA brought a bus so the 60 residents didn’t have to stand out in the cold during the investigation.

2 NEWS spoke to the property managers, who says a pregnant woman lives inside the apartment at the center of the investigation. Patricia Cahill says she has been trying to get that resident evicted.

Cahill says she called police after seeing several people coming and going from the woman’s apartment late at night.

A Hazmat crew was called in to remove the potentially dangerous materials from the apartment. Members of the Drug Enforcement Administration also assisted on scene.

Residents were eventually allowed back inside.

Phil Hartman says he’ll consider finding somewhere else to live.

“Those are extremely dangerous words to me. Possible meth lab. That’s incredible . It’s time to get out if that’s the situation.”

We will continue checking with police about potential charges.

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