State: McGuire execution “humane and lawful”

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) – The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction released its final report about the execution of Dennis McGuire.

The state says his execution was fulfilled in a “humane, dignified and lawful manner”.

“After the review, the Department remains confident that it conducted the execution in a humane, constitutional way and that the inmate was completely unconscious and felt no pain,” said JoEllen Smith, Communications Chief, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. “After speaking with the department’s medical expert, examining other states’ practices and considering the recommendations of the inmate’s medical expert, the department finds no harm in increasing the dosage levels of its drugs and has notified Judge Frost of this revision.”

McGuire was the first Ohio inmate to die using a new combination of lethal drugs.  The state will increase the dosage of the lethal combination of drugs used to put condemned inmates to death.

He killed Joy Stewart in 1989 in Preble County. Stewart was eight months pregnant at the time.

The final review of the execution says McGuire did not experience “any pain or distress”. He was rendered “unconscious before any of the irregular bodily movements ere observed”.

Family members feared sued the state claiming McGuire was tortured since it took 26 minutes for him to die.




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