Technical glitch caused WPAFB pharmacy med mix-up

WPAFB, Ohio (WDTN) – Veterans and their dependents who filled prescriptions at the Kittyhawk satellite pharmacy in the past week may have the wrong meds.

The affected dates are April 23 through April 29.

If you had any prescription re-filled at that pharmacy during those dates return them to the Wright Patt Medical Center to be checked for accuracy.  “The notice does not apply at our main hospital, just Kittyhawk pharmacy,” said Col. Cassie Barlow.

Wright-Patterson found technical problems with the robot that fills prescriptions.

Even though technology helps move loads of prescriptions daily, a local pharmacist says it only takes one hitch to create a problem.  “Once something happens in the process, then whole process is null and void,” said Nnodum Iheme, Ziks Pharmacy.

Human pharmacy techs can cause prescription mix ups, too. Iheme uses plenty of safeguards.

“I will use the barcode here once I scan the bottle it populates all info that is here.”

Wright-Patterson pharmacists feel they have this recent problem at the Kittyhawk location under control.

Colonel Cassie B. Barlow said the pharmacy fills approximately 1000 prescriptions per day and so far they’ve found only one customer affected.

Wright-Patt first issued a warning Tuesday on its website for anyone who picked up prescriptions during that tie frame.

If you had a prescription filled during this time, take the medication to the Wright-Patt Medical Center information desk to be checked.

The desk is open from 6:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. every day.

You can also call the 88th Medical Group at 937-257-9022.

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