Family says VA victim stepped in and saved lives

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The stepbrother of the man shot at the Dayton VA Medical Center Monday shared his version of what happened with 2 NEWS Monday evening.

Paul Burnside, 61, is at Miami Valley Hospital recovering from a gunshot to the ankle area.

Craig Dearing says Burnside is a former Marine. He says Burnside jumped in when a man showed up in a break room with a gun.

“He tried to shoot somebody else, and my brother saved a whole lot of lives today,” said Dearing.

Dearing just left the hospital when we caught up with him.

He says his stepbrother told him he was playing cards in the break room, in the basement of the VA Center.

He didn’t know who 59-year-old Neil Moore meant to shoot, but he wasn’t surprised to hear Burnside sprang into action.

Dearing says he’s concerned that someone could just walk into the VA Center with a weapon to begin with.

“That’s how weak VA security is, you know and I can’t believe that somebody can walk in there in the VA, the veterans. People that fight for us. People that save our lives, go overseas and fight and can walk in there and go and kill people that’s still serving us.”

Dearing says he forgives the shooter, but he’s also praying that he gets the help he needs.

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