Vets exposed to more VA violence

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – More information about the Dayton VA and its veterans.  This is not the first time the Dayton campus has experienced violence.  Four years ago, veteran Jesse Huff shot himself outside that very hospital.

Then, a few years ago, it was discovered that for years, local veterans had been exposed to blood borne illnesses, blamed in part, on a dentist using unsanitary dental  tools.

A local military psychologist says these situations can create feelings of insecurity, fear and neglect among veterans. Dr. Larry James says the grounds of vet centers across the country had always been considered sacred and safe.

“What it would signal to many is, ‘am I safe if I go there?’ And the right answer is, indeed, they are safe. These occurrences are rare, but they do happen.”

Dr. James says it’s important to not stop treatment, despite the feelings of concern and insecurity.  If not, he says, full blown phobias can develop.

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