2010 homicide goes unsolved

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Crime Stoppers is working to solve a 2010 homicide.

It began when neighbors called 911 after being awakened by the sound of gunfire.

911 caller: There’s shots fired on Brooklyn Avenue, and there was like maybe four or five people that pulled off, got in a little car and left the house.”

Police responded to this home at 163 Brooklyn Avenue.

When no one answered the door, police entered and found bullet casings, bullet holes, a scale, and an unknown amount of drugs inside.

While looking through the evidence, officers got a call that a gunshot victim had just shown up at Miami Valley hospital, where he later died.

That turned out to be 31-year old Pachino Willis, who police believe was shot at the home on Brooklyn and was driven to the hospital by two men, who were questioned and released.

Witnesses say Willis was ambushed by at least two suspects when he walked outside.

Police believe the motive was robbery.

Call Crime Stoppers at 222-7867 if you have any information about the crime that can help police make an arrest.

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