Harveysburg mayor accused of groping

Harveysburg employee accuses mayor of groping her. (Photo/WLWT)
Harveysburg employee accuses mayor of groping her. (Photo/WLWT)

HARVEYSBURG, Ohio (WDTN) – The 75-year-old mayor of a Warren County village is accused of groping an employee.

Fiscal Officer Carol Nelson says Mayor Dick Verga touched her inappropriately.

“He came right here beside me in his walker and tapped me twice and I said do not ever touch my rear end,” said Nelson.

She says she warned Mayor Verga to keep his hands to himself.

“And he tapped it again and said I reserve the right to touch your butt. I want him to understand just because he’s the mayor, he does not have the right to do this and it’s not a joke and it’s not funny.”

The Harveysburg council asked the mayor to take a leave of absence during the misconduct investigation, but he said no.

So instead, they are restricting communication between the two.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

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