Middle East virus makes its way to the U. S.

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Indiana Health department held a news conference after MERS shows up in the United States.

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is a viral respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus.  It was first reported in Saudia Arabia in 2012.  A man who visited the Middle East on business, became infected and is now back in Indiana hospitalized after he began to experience coughing, shortness of breath and fever.

CDC officials say they have anticipated the MERS arrival and are prepared, taking swift action. They aren’t sure if he the infection happened in Saudia Arabia, where MERS outbreaks are happening.

Experts aren’t sure how the virus is spread, but the CDC advises Americans to protect themselves from all respiratory illnesses by regular hand washing, avoiding close contact with people who are sick and avoid touching eye, nose and/or mouth with unwashed hands.

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