Abandoned squirrels live to ‘crack a nut-ther’ day

Baby squirrels saved by Englewood woman.
Baby squirrels saved by Englewood woman. (Photo/Holly Gericke)

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) – A reunion five months in the making came to fruition Friday after an Englewood woman found four newborn baby squirrels abandoned and trapped in the wall of her house.

“She reached in the hole and felt them and started screaming. I was scared because they were so tiny and I was almost expecting them to be birds or maybe eggs.”

Holly Gericke didn’t think the baby squirrels would survive when she found them shortly after Christmas, but she rescued them and took them to Brukner Nature Center.

Curious George, Cat, Leo and Alex were nursed back to health and moved into a home outside of Gericke’s house Friday.

Englewood woman saves abandoned squirrels
Englewood woman saves abandoned squirrels. (WDTN Photo/Josh Ames)

“It was really exciting to see them come out of their home for the first time and now they’re starting to jump around and go through all these trees, so it’s really awesome.”

The box will stay in the tree for about a week while the squirrels get used to being outside.

They will then have to find new homes, but Gericke says she hopes they stay close by.

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