Clark County weathers Mother’s Day tornado warning

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – Dark skies over Springfield created some anxiety Sunday night.

A tornado warning across Clark County had people taking cover as the storm made its way east.

“My father was here,” said Anthony Ferryman just getting off work at Rally’s on Upper Valley Pike. “Told me the sirens were going off for five minutes. He came out and saw the funnel swirling around in the sky.”

It was near the Upper Valley Mall where some people in Clark County reported seeing a funnel cloud.

Springfield police said they received numerous calls about possibly funnel cloud forming. There were no immediate confirmations, however, of possibly circulation over Springfield.

Heavy rainfall quickly became a concern for drivers and residents.

Vehicles were parked along Troy Road near Springfield Meadows. The only way in or out of the area looked like a swimming pool as water filled the street.

Some chose to abandon their vehicles and return when the water receded. Others cautiously decided to risk the drive.

“It was literally so deep out here, I was worried I wasn’t going to get into my driveway,” said Ferryman. “It started splashing up over my van and everything.”

Hail was also reported in Clark County during the storm. People in Enon saw hail falling into their yard as the storm moved east.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office said there was not a serious amount of damage from the storm.

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