RTA bus driver: ‘Shooting taking a toll on my family’

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)- Nearly three months after he says he was shot and stabbed on his RTA bus run, driver Rick Wagoner is now on paid administrative leave.

What is important to Rick Wagoner to tell is, he wants to return to work and this ordeal, as he calls it, has taken a harsh toll on his family.

He maintains his story that he was shot and stabbed by three black male teenagers outside his bus in February and that his life was saved after the .25 caliber bullets hit a religious book in his shirt pocket. But he feels suspicion has been unfairly cast on his story.

Wagoner said last year he suffered a head injury after a work related traffic accident and one of his attackers hit him on the back of his head during the early morning incident at Lakeside and Lakeview in Dayton. He told the police what happened as much as his memory would allow.

He said he knows when the attackers said to him, “to get in the club you have to kill the polar bear”, he didn’t know what that meant, but when he described their blue bandanas, police told him the bandanas worn on that part of town are red, not blue.

Police have told 2 NEWS there are “inconsistencies” in Wagoner’s story. There was no manhunt, no arrests and the investigation remains open three months later.

Wagoner is waiting on the results of testing by Dayton police so that, as he says, he can get back to work and put the incident behind him.


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