Tornado victims salvage memories from the debris

CEDARVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – It is no surprise that homeowners in the Cedarville area will need weeks to clear away all the debris of Wednesday’s tornado.

The focus Thursday was salvaging what they can with the help of neighbors and other volunteers.

“You see the stories on television, where a whole town gets wiped out or several killed.”

The house Rodger Dobbins calls home is now a pile of debris, but he still talks about people who have been through worse.

It is clear he has perspective and a sense of humor. “I found a one hundred dollar bill. Isn’t that amazing? I forgot I even had it.”

He says there are brief moments when reality hits him.

Wednesday night, he and and his family were trapped under the rubble after an EF 3 tornado destroyed their house.

“The main thing we wanted to find was Roger’s wedding ring, his wallet, his hearing aids and Pam’s purse. And we found all of those. So, we were happy with that. Anything else is gravy,” said Phyllis Rose, friend.

They’ve been amazed by the number of things they found unbroken, but even more amazed by the kindness of strangers.

It is the small things, like picking up the tab at breakfast that matter as much as the bigger tasks like volunteering to help with the clean up.

“We had this done to us about 30 years ago, and it’s just the right thing to do. Just, pay it forward I guess. It’s the right thing to do,” said Louis McDorman, volunteer.

It will be awhile before Dobbins and his family have a new home, but thanks to his church family, they now have a car to drive and a place to stay.

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