$4.7 million sewer project slated for Phillipsburg

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Montgomery County and the Village of Phillipsburg announced Monday plans for a  public sanitary sewer system installation in Phillipsburg and an area of Clay Township.

The $4.7 million project is in response to orders issued in 2009 by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, which instructed Phillipsburg to correct failing septic systems that were leaking sewage into storm drains and ditches.

“Installing a sanitary sewer system is the best long-term solution to the problem, and it will help protect public health and the environment,” said Montgomery County Commission President Dan Foley.

The sewer installation will begin in the next two weeks and is scheduled to be completed in May 2015.

In 2009, the OEPA discovered that sewage was contaminating storm drains and ditches throughout Phillipsburg. The current septic systems were failing and could not be updated due to soil conditions and lot sizes. The OEPA then issued orders for Phillipsburg to correct the problem.

The tentative assessment for Phillipsburg residents is $9,500 and $7,337 for Clay Twp. residents. The actual assessment cost will be determined after construction work is completed. Residents can make a lump sum payment or make installment payments over a 40 year period.

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