Medway renters must stay out after flooding

MEDWAY, Ohio (WDTN) – The people who were forced from their homes in the middle of the night got more help Thursday night.

Fast rising flood waters came pouring into their homes overnight in the Laynecrest Manor Apartments on Gerlaugh Road in Medway.

That neighborhood is still underwater, so the 100 people who live there still aren’t sure what damage they will face when they are finally able to go back home.

The Red Cross came to the church Thursday night that is sheltering some of them.

Residents came to the Medway United Methodist Church to learn about how to start their lives over.

Some have been staying at the church since they were forced from their homes.

Parents had to pull their children from their beds around 2:30 a.m. to escape the water that was coming in through the doors and the windows.

They thanked the firefighters who were so kind during such a scary time.

“The fire department and the way they evacuated everybody was very organized and safe. My children were scared and they made my little boy feel like he was protected and taken care of,” said Christina Richardson, flooding victim.

Some returned to salvage what they could Thursday afternoon, but the water was still very high, as much as three feet deep in some spots and until that recedes, they won’t know what they have to work with.

Finding out how they can get food and clothes and replace what they lost is so important.

“The support and the organization that they have all brought together is indescribable. It just touches the inside to know that all these people are here for all of us who are affected.”

Clark County is handling much of the clean up, but there is no telling when the water will be gone.


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