Student release balloons to remember friend

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Students at a Dayton school enjoyed an afternoon outside. But it wasn’t time to play- it was time to remember.

A picnic was held at Edwin Joel Brown School Friday. But there was one student missing.

Ricky Turner died in a house fire earlier this month. During the event, his classmates paid tribute to their friend.

Students wrote messages to Ricky and tied them to balloons.

“I said you were my best friend,” said 8th grader Davon Dorsey. “I love you. Say no more, I’ll see you soon.”

Then, they all released the balloons at the same time.

“It’s just a really cool expression to make sure everyone knew he was loved and missed,” said transition coordinator Wesley O. Biles II.

Ricky’s mother, Tia Strickland, was also killed in the fire on Pinehurst Avenue. Officials said it was caused by careless smoking and the home did not have working smoke detectors.

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