Dayton gets population growth after six years

Dayton Skyline. (Photo WDTN Staff)
Dayton Skyline. (Photo WDTN Staff)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – After six years of population decline, Dayton is growing.

Our partners at the Dayton Business Journal give us this information. There has been a small uptick in the city’s population growth. Dayton gained nearly 100 residents in 2013, with a population estimate of 143,355. That’s compared to 143,258 in 2012.

City Manager Tim Riordan says part of that increase can be attributed to the rising immigrant population. The Turkish immigrants number more than 530, mostly settling in Old North Dayton.

A push to revitalize downtown with new housing projects as well as new housing on the east and west sides are expected to draw more residents.

Cincinnati had a modest population spurt last year. Cleveland, Akron and Toledo lost residents.

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