The cost of leaving the lights on for you

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – City Commissioners are considering a six year assessment to replace and upgrade the street lights in Dayton.

The average home owner would pay $25 a year.

“At $25 it’s a couple bucks a month and what it will help do is make the city have a better sense of lighting,” says City Manager Tim Riordan.

The city owned poles would be switched to LED lights that are brighter and more energy efficient.

“It will save some money on the back end,” Riordan says.

The last street light assessment ended in 2006. This assessment is expected to generate about $3 million a year.

“In addition to adding the street lights we would add staff that would do a better job of maintaining the street lights, taking care of them,” Riordan says. “If a street light burns out get it will be replaced faster.”

You are able to object to the amount you’re being assessed.

Neighborhoods that already have their own street light assessments won’t be included.

Riordan thinks the lights will do more than just improve the city’s look.

“There will be some safety factors in areas where we improve the lighting,” Riordan says.

City Commissioners still have to approve the assessments. If that happens you’ll start seeing the bill in 2015. That’s also when the improvements will start.

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