Law enforcement trains churches

Church safety workshop
Church safety workshop. (WDTN Photo)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – Local law enforcement officers are training for a situation they hope to never see. Thursday, officers who are members of  the Miami Valley Crime Prevention held a workshop at Miami Valley Hospital South. They were training local clergy to heighten security at their places of worship.

Wayne Morrison, senior pastor at First Presbyterian in Eaton said, “we have to take precautions, we have to do things differently.”

Morrison was one of scores of people who attended the clergy security workshop. They were challenged by being asked to describe a “suspect” in just a few seconds.

In 1998, a member of Christ Apostolic Temple in Trotwood, shot and killed its elder, Andrew Lofton during a mid week prayer service. It’s incidents such as this that prompts the Miami Valley Crime Prevention group to take preventive action by preparing churches for potential danger.

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