Finding relief from a rough allergy season

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – We are dealing with a prolonged allergy season thanks to a difficult winter.  Tree pollen picked up in mid February and now the levels are moderate to high.  Grass pollen has been high over the last two weeks.

Typically, rain washes away the pollen, but grass and tree pollen and molds have already accumulated, making it a tough time for allergy sufferers.

Depending on the level of sensitivity, tree pollen sufferers will find some relief. The bad news, according to Dr. Terri Moncrief, grass pollen will stick around.

“There are multiple meds, antihistamines to help. Try to stay inside during high peak pollen levels,” said Dr. Terri Moncrief, allergy specialist.

Ragweed and hay fever sufferers have a long season ahead of them as well.

Dr. Moncrief also recommends showering and shampooing to remove the pollen from your body.

The most severe allergy sufferers might need injections to get relief.

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