Fish kill prompts concern over water safety

Fishkill on Indian Lake in Logan County. (WDTN Photo)

INDIAN LAKE, Ohio (WDTN) – Hundreds of dead fish are washing up along the shores of a Indian Lake in Logan County.

People enjoying the lake over the weekend made several calls to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to make a report. They want to be sure the popular tourist lake is safe.

Hundreds of white bass surfaced so far.

“I’ve never seen this many fish before.”

Fishkill on Indian Lake in Logan County. (WDTN Photo)

John Bodey has lived on Indian Lake for thirty five years. He notice a number of dead fish last week, lying on the dock behind his house.

“I think this is unusual, but it is not unusual for it to happen in some lakes.”

According to the Ohio Department of National Resources, he’s correct.

They call it a fish kill.

While it isn’t totally abnormal, they say the extreme number of fish they’ve found recently, is a little strange.

Officials were on the water Monday evening taking oxygen samples.

We went directly to them to find out what is killing the fish.

Experts say the brutal weather this past winter might have left the fish with a weak immune system.

Fast forward to this Spring. Officials believe poor physical condition or even a virus could have wiped out the majority of the white bass population.

Because it is limited to one species, officials say it rules out a chemical spill.

While it is not dangerous, it is an unpleasant sight for visitors.

Naturalists say they may never know exactly what killed the fish since they are already dead.

They’ll keep working to try and figure it out and also make sure the water remains safe for people.