City leaders protect historical landmarks

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– City commissioners make zoning map amendment to preserve sixteen historic buildings.

A public hearing was held Wednesday night.

Homeowner, Steve Benning thanked commissioners– he’s lived in his home for twenty years.

“It was built in 1872, and we put a lot of blood sweat and tears into it. I think this is a great gesture to help preserve these buildings. Because I’d hate to see any of these historic ones just get torn down.”

“This is actually the start of something really exciting,” said Rachel Bankowitz, a Historic Preservation Planner for the city of Dayton.

City leaders designated sixteen buildings with a HD-3 Historic District Overlay on the City’s zoning map.

It protects the buildings from demolition, meaning owners would have to get council’s permission to tear them down.

The following buildings were recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, and now locally.

  • Biltmore Hotel, 210 North Main Street
  • Jonah Bull House, 2233 Wayne Avenue
  • Dayton YMCA, 115 West Monument
  • Duncarrick, 1000 North Keowee Street
  • Engineers Club of Dayton, 110 East Monument Street
  • Hanitch-Huffman House, 214 West Monument Avenue
  • Insco Apartment Building, 255 North Main Street
  • McCormick Manufacturing Company Building, 434 East First Street
  • Memorial Hall, 125 East First Street
  • Jacob H.W. Mumma House, 2239 Kipling Drive
  • Mutual Home & Savings Association Building, 120 West Second Street
  • Nicholas Ohmer House, 1350 Creighton Avenue
  • Sachs and Pruden Ale Company Building, 120 South Patterson Boulevard
  • Hyman Schriber Building, 306-308 Washington Street
  • Sig’s General Store, 1400 Valley Street
  • Westbrock Funeral Home, 1712 Wayne Avenue
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