What’s going on at Englewood dam?

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) – A project at the Englewood Dam has many passersby asking why the work is being done.

As you drive by on U.S. 40 you can see the construction equipment used to do all the earth moving at the base of the Englewood Dam.

Those with the Miami Conservancy District say the work is to prevent seepage in the dam. They tell 2 NEWS seepage is not a problem right now, but this construction will keep it from becoming one.

They say this is the last of the five dams in the Miami Valley to have the work done. The entire project started back in 1999.

Officials say the dams are designed to hold back the amount of the 1913 flood plus 40 percent.

They say we haven’t even approached 1913 amounts since then. We wanted to know about the work’s impact on the dam and those who live near it.

“There’s really not a reason to be worried about the safety,” says Kurt Rinehart with the Miami Conservancy District. “But when you have something like a dam that’s a man-made structure it has the potential to hold a lot of water, failure is not an option.”

Officials say the project will cost $2.5 million. The work is expected to be finished in November.

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