Officer’s cruiser camera video reveals shoot out

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – 2NEWS has obtained Wednesday night’s dash camera video from Officer Shena Lally’s cruiser.

Wednesday night, officials said Lally was responding to a driveby shooting when a SUV sped towards her and began shooting.

Officials said she then took cover and fire at least 14 rounds.

In the video, the 14-year veteran can be seen retreating from a sidewalk to her car.

According to Chief Richard Biehl, he said the officer was protecting her safety, as well as witness whom she’d been talking to for a call regarding a drive-by shooting on the 40th block of Willowood Drive.

Moments after retreating, Lally’s vehicle is seen departing to less than a block away at the parking lot of Edwin Joel Brown Elementary School.

Once there, a male dispatcher can be heard speaking with Lally, who said she couldn’t make out how many passengers were in the crashed vehicle, a green Tahoe.

At least three police vehicles are seen assisting with back-up at the scene of the car crash, at which point Lally indicates that the suspects have fled and most likely ran down Fairview Street towards Main Street.

The dispatch conversation reveals that several crews were sent to nearby location to search for the suspects; additionally, Main Street was temporarily blocked for the search.

2NEWS is following this developing story.

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