DP&L responds to phone scheme

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Power and Light is denying that the company calls customers, demanding payment for overdue bills, but someone is doing just that and including Walmart as part of the scheme.

Callers have been requiring customers to pay with a green dot card or a Walmart gift card.

DP&L does not ask for bank information or a credit card number over the phone, neither does the company require that you pay your bill using a specific method.

Dayton police say the scammers have information leading people to believe they are legitimate. They know the address and the name the account is in and the balance.

DP&L says it is investigating with its corporate security and that department is working with law enforcement. The company will not call or email to threaten a disconnection.

For more information from DP&L, call 1-800-433-8500.

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