Surrounding businesses like Midtown District

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The fair may be leaving town, but a smorgasbord of commercial development could be moving in.

The Montgomery County fairgrounds are relocating to Brookville.

It’s an area where 15,000 vehicles travel, every day heading into downtown Dayton.

Developers hope it will be a gateway to the city.

It’s a development some people are calling a “game changer”.

On the land formerly known for the Montgomery County Fair, less than half a mile from University of Dayton, and directly acrosses the street from Miami Valley Hospital, the Midtown District will also be close to Brown Street.

“You know the UD kids are pretty loyal, especially here, you know. We’re the only sushi place around, so they definitely flock here.”

Places like Fusian are the go-to spots for many students at the University of Dayton.

Now, the Miller Valentine Group hopes to develop more options.

On the 40 acres of land, the developers hopes to build housing, retail, a fitness center, grocery store and a hotel.

So will it affect surrounding businesses?

“This time last year we pulled in for the week about $24,000, and for this week we’re at $29,000.”

It’s that kind of growth that has the employees at Fusian, confident their loyal customers won’t be making a switch.

They say many of the area businesses have ‘regulars’, people they know by name.

“So, if you open up another shopping center, you would just receive a lot of the same attention. I don’t think it would be taking away, it would just be an equal division of that.”

The new fairgrounds in Brookville include an inside and outside pavilion and several new barns.

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