Dog owner denies wrongdoing after 13 dogs removed from home

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center(ARC) wants to hear from residents who adopted a dog from an organization called Captain Save-A-Dog Rescue.

The center removed 8 adult dogs and 5 puppies from a house at 113 Laura Avenue in Dayton on Wednesday.

The ARC believe it was being used as an unlicensed rescue operation.

The dogs are all in the ARC’s custody. Some are being treated for eye infections, skin conditions and some are underweight.

Officials said the 13 dogs had been living in a home filled with feces and unsafe conditions.

No one has been cited or arrested, but a case will be presented to the Prosecutor’s Office.

2 NEWS went to the home to speak with the tenant.  Samantha told 2 NEWS she’s had her own issues within the home that she brought to her landlord’s attention.

She said those problems had nothing to do with her care for the dogs.

“I want everybody to know that I haven’t been charged with anything. They’ve pretty much said pay me $2,300 and you can have your animals back. They have no, they have nothing. They have not cited, they have not charged me they have nothing,” she said.

2 NEWS also spoke with the homeowner.  He said the woman has always been trouble.

In fact, he said he’s tried to evict her several times.

“We do everything our own that’s why it took so long to actually evict them  .My wife and I have seven kids and we do the best that we can. This is not a for profit business or anything like that. I’m a normal guy trying to make a living, just like everybody else. So when I seen these deplorable conditions on the news, it really bugged me,” said the homeowner.

For now, ARC officers have deemed the home unlivable.

If you think you’ve adopted any animals from this woman, contact officials at (937) 898-4457.


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