Majority of mass shooters are males

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A new report shows 98 percent of all mass shootings are committed by men.  It Is important to know this research, from psychologists and statisticians, gives explanation about the male mass killer.

Testosterone pushes the aggression button, video games create aggression or just an overall dominant culture of physical aggression can contribute.  Initially, this phenomenon can start early. Because all humans need positive bonding to connect their moral compasses, the first 18 months of life are critical for stable emotional health.

Local psychologist Dr. Michael Williams says, “if that positive connection doesn’t happen, there will be degrees of problems. The extreme expression of that disconnect is to become anti social, psychopathic or sociopathic.”

To explain how this affects males, this kind of disaffection can mean there is no defined validation and that can reverse itself to a lack of attachment to others.

“It’s easy to go into a school and open fire at random if these are not people who matter.”

When it comes to mass shootings, killers using guns reveal testosterone fueled egos that can mask feelings of incompetence, creating deity complexes and with that, the killers believe they have the ability to make the supreme decision about who can live or die. “Guns are symbols of power and a phallic symbol men gravitate toward that to feel more powerful with a gun,” Williams continued.

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