Are you a honkaholic?

AP Photo/Mark Duncan
AP Photo/Mark Duncan

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – It is easy to be quick on the draw when frustration sets in while driving. For some, it is an uncontrollable, automatic action, but ask yourself this question: Are you a honkaholic?

A recent driving study finds that 58 percent of drivers have an urge to honk, while 39 percent admit they do it without hesitation.

47 percent report getting honked at and you know how that feels. You either cower and wave to the other driver in sorrow or maybe, you fire off a honk of your own in retaliation.

The survey even asked what kind of honking style drivers use:

Quick tapper (beep, beep) – 54%
Moderate honker (beeeeep) – 38%
Prolonged beeper (beeeeeeeeeeep) – 8%

There is a movement called Drive it Forward Friday to inspire drivers to be friendly and courteous on the road. It suggests that your good behavior will rub off on other drivers and accept that traffic is just part of a hectic day.

The study was conducted by Safeco Insurance. Visit its web site to join the Drive it Forward movement.

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