Drones land in Clark County for Ag. research

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – A technology some say could revolutionize the farming industry is being tested right here in the Miami Valley.

Clark State Community College is receiving a quad-copter, commonly known as a drone.

Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones, are just starting to be used in the farming industry, and Clark State plans to use the drone as part of its new precision agriculture program launching this Fall.

Drones will be used to fly over crops, bringing together real-time data collection on weather, soil, and air quality.

It will monitor crop growth, check for diseases, and evaluate irrigation and other concerns from the air, saving farmers time and money.

Right now this technology is only in the testing phase, and commercial use could begin once the Federal Aviation Administration issues rules.

That’s expected to happen by 2015.

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