5 year-old named honorary firefighter

PHILLIPSBURG, Ohio (WDTN)- One area fire department has a new member among it’s ranks and he’s only five years old.

Ashton Carley-Trent was diagnosed with Leukemia in March and became fast friends with the Phillipsburg firefighters and medics who cared for him.

“One day, Ashton and his mom came up and brought us a ‘thank you’ card for taking him to the hospital the night before,” remembers firefighter Blake Thomas. “When I met him, I immediately fell in love with him and thought there is something I need to do.”

Thomas and his fellow firefighters decided to dedicate Saturday to their number one fan.

They took Ashton for a ride in the engine, hosted a cookout for his friends and family and even presented Ashton with a plaque and his very own fire helmut.     Each of the Philipsburg firefighters were also tested to see if they were a bone marrow donor match.

For Ashton’s mom, Erin Carley, the day was more than a celebration. It was a reminder that her family is not alone in the fight.

The Carley-Trent’s only moved to Phillipsburg a few months before Ashton was diagnosed and didn’t know a lot of people in the area.

“It’s huge, because we didn’t get a chance before he got sick to make friends and it’s just a small town thing. I love it. They just kind of embraced us,” said Erin Carley.

To learn more about Ashton’s journey or how you can help, visit: http://ashtonupdate.org/

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