16 arrested during prostitution sting

DAYTON (WDTN)- A two-day prostitution sting in Dayton netted the arrests of 16 women.

Investigators said the arrests were conducted in areas where police have received complaints from the community.

Lt. Joe Wiesman said detectives made eight arrests on Monday and eight on Tuesday. He told 2 NEWS all of the women have either prior drug of prostitution arrests.

“When you’ve got people out here that are passing around sexually transmitted diseases, they’re just trying to get another fix for their addiction,” said Lt. Wiesman. “It’s not victimless.”

Investigators said they know they cannot arrest their way out of the prostitution problem in our community, but with help they hope to make a dent and at least deter some of the illegal activity.

“The citizens and what they tell us, especially the details, really help us when it comes to investigations,” added Lt. Wiesman. “A lot of times the uniformed officers out there in the marked cruiser they may see her and pull up, but they really don’t have enough to arrest her.”

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