Workers, indoors and outdoors, brace high heat index

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The recent high heat index isn’t just taking a toll on those who work outside; some who work inside are also having to take precautions.

Summer happens to be one of the busiest times for several business, but it can also be one of the most dangerous times for workers who may not take measures to keep cool and hydrated.

However, two businesses, Bladecutter’s Inc. and Long Cleaners Inc., are making sure the heat isn’t putting an end to their day’s work.

In the early morning hours, several landscapers are already out and about to get a head start before the heat creeps in.

But sometimes even an early start can’t fight off the threats of a high heat index.

“Well, we don’t have no wind and it’s all humid, but we try to keep it— It’s hard out here yo. It is hard in the summertime,” said David Levesque, a landscapers with Bladecutter’s.

Despite the high temperatures, the company remains very busy and active and to deal with the heat index, the employers provide crews with coolers and expect they take several breaks.

Like Bladecutter’s, Long Cleaners also has its fair share of heat on the job.

When asked about the conditions insider the steam room, one worker said it’s tough to bare, “.. cause it’s hot.The steam’s hot, but there’s really not a favorite place in here when it’s hot.”

Temperatures can get as high as 102 degrees back in the steam room.

Additionally, those on delivery route also feel the heat in between hundreds of drop-offs.

Long Dry Cleaners managers encourage employees to wear light clothing and short-sleeved shirts and shorts to keep cool.

Employees will also take increased breaks, but managers said the job still gets done.

“No, the weather doesn’t affect the dry cleaning process of any garments or anything like that. There’s nothing we can’t do in extreme heat and there’s nothing we can’t do in the extreme cold. So yeah, we’re not affected by the temperature as far as our business goes in one bit,” said Terry Elifritz, a manager with the Miamisburg company.

Dayton-Montgomery Public Health Department officials are reminding everyone, whether you’re working or not, to keep hydrated and to keep an eye out on your elderly neighbors.

For more tips on dealing with the high humidity, visit this link for tips 2NEWS has compiled.

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