Concerns about high grass at school

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — For 40 years Bot Harrison has been trying to keep his lawn a cut above, but Bot can’t help but notice that his neighbor’s yard could use some attention.

It just so happens that neighbor is Dunbar High School.

“You got a big nice school like that and then they won’t cut the grass,” Bot says.

The grass has even caught the eye of drivers like James Strozier, who once walked the halls of Dunbar High School, and knows a thing or two about keeping things trim.

“First thing I saw yesterday I was embarrassed seeing it now is even worse,” Strozier says.

So we called Dayton Public Schools to find out why the grass is so high outside Dunbar.

A spokesperson says it’s scheduled to be cut every two weeks, just like the district’s other buildings throughout the city.

They say with all the rain things have grown quickly between cuts.

Neighbors trust it will soon look more like their yards.

“It will probably get better,” Bot says. “I hope it does anyway.”

We asked the district when this grass will be cut and they told us it’s scheduled to happen Thursday.

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