One year later: Is 70 mph on highways safe?

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — It’s been almost a year since Ohio lawmakers changed the speed limit on some area highways.

The speed limit for vehicles changed from 65 to 70 mph on several area highways. The speed limit for semi-trucks was changed from 55 to 70 mph.

Jeff Kramer, Sergeant of the Dayton Post Highway Patrol, says the difference has been minimal.

“Initially everyone assumed and thought that it was going to be tragic,” Kramer added, “In all reality, we haven’t really seen an increase in anything we can contribute to the posted speed limit being higher.”

Semi-trucks are noticing a difference, though. Big rigs are now abiding by the same 70mph speed limit. That’s opposed to the 55mph semis were required to drive in the area.

We tried contacting the Ohio State Patrol for statistics over the past year; however, long-term statistics haven’t become available.

Sergeant Kramer says he doesn’t believe the highways will increase their speed again.

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