Monday’s cleanup continues through Tuesday’s storms

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The work of clearing away debris from Monday night’s storms was barely underway when round two hit Tuesday.

The latest round dumped heavy rain and gusty winds across those neighborhoods still trying to recover.

In the area off Elliott Avenue, the roar of chain saws could be heard as crews worked into the night to get debris cleared and power restored.

Most people affected by Monday night’s storm got their power back gradually throughout the day.

Not Nate Clark. He has been without power for more than 24 hours.

“It was muggy as heck last night so it was tough getting to sleep,” Clark said. “Rough it out one more night, you know. What else can you do.”

In the area of Beckman at Wilmington Avenue, crews spent the day removing 30 large trees. The city said it will probably take the rest of the week to remove all the downed limbs.

Severe weather also caused problems Tuesday afternoon just outside Indianapolis where a twister touched down in Plainfield, near the airport.

Three to four homes suffered roof damage and several others had siding taken off or windows knocked out, but no one was injured.

The tornado also touched down in adjacent Hendricks County and damaged at least three homes there.

There were no reports of injuries there, either.

It’s not over yet. While the sever threat has moved out of the region, Storm Team 2 Chief Meteorologist Brian Davis says their a chance for some “hit-and-miss” showers overnight.

“Wednesday will see a slight chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm, otherwise it will be partly sunny, warm and turning a little less humid in the afternoon with a high of 82.” says Davis.

Rain chances will taper off for Wednesday and Thursday, but come back up as we head into the weekend.

Temperatures will rebounding as well.

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