What happens now?

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The scene is still hard for Carol Bruno to look at.

Carol’s car on Suman Avenue was crushed by a tree that was knocked down by the storms that rolled through the area.

“I went numb,” Carol says.

Carol says she’s worried about that tree for years.

“I usually move the car when I know we’re going to have a storm but I didn’t have time,” Carol says.

Carol says city crews looked at the tree a few years ago and that she’s called before about having it and another one removed.

“They told me they were dead and would take them down in the fall and never heard a word,” Carol says.

We called the Public Works Department to ask if the city would cover the damage to Carol’s car.

They said they don’t in cases like this one because it was an act of nature that knocked the tree down and not anything the city did, so Carol, who only has liability insurance, will have to pay for a new car herself.

“It’s the only car I have,” Carol says.

In the meantime the kindness of those around her is what’s keeping her going.

“I’ve got a neighbor that’s going to lend me her car until I can get another one,” Carol says. “Thank God for them.

Carol also lost power to her home for half a day but it’s since been restored.

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