RTA fires bus driver after shooting claims

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – RTA bus driver Rick Wagoner was fired Friday morning in a decision by RTA.

This information came from RTA Executive Director Mark Doneghy in a phone call with 2News’ Marsha Bonhart.

Wagoner is the driver who claimed he was shot and stabbed on the job by three black teens in February.

He also said his life was saved when bullets struck a religious book that was in his shirt pocket.

Since then, forensic investigations spearheaded by Dayton police show the information given by Wagoner did not match the physical evidence.

There have been two RTA employment status hearings in the last week and this morning, Doneghy told 2 NEWS’ Marsha Bonhart Wagoner has been terminated in a decision made this morning.

Wagoner has maintained his innocence, saying some of the details of the incident are sketchy because he was hit on the head by his attackers and after that, everything was “like a dream”.

He also said his innocence is further proven because the Dayton prosecutor did not file charges.

RTA says the company has zero tolerance for dishonesty or anything that disparages the RTA name.

Wagoner says he will file a grievance through the bus drivers union. After that, the issue goes to arbitration and then a vote by members.

He says he is concerned that by calling him a liar without looking at what he says happened and since he faces no charges, RTA has tainted his image to the union and the public at large.

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