Trash picked up after 2 NEWS steps in to help

Trash removed from Riverside neighborhood
Trash removed from Riverside neighborhood. (WDTN Photo)

RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WDTN) – 2 NEWS helped a Riverside man get some results after he reached out to us about trash piling up in his neighborhood.

George Miller called us this morning to report that trash crews were picking up the mess.

Miller say he counted 12 loads of trash getting dumped into trucks. He says the big items, like a couch, are still there, but the trash is gone.

“If it wasn’t for you guys, that stuff would have laid there until Tuesday when the trash comes,” said Miller.

Miller says the trash was left behind when a tenant moved out Monday.

We called the City of Riverside who said they do not pick up for the Overlook apartments.

We’ll continue to follow up today about the trash pickup. Complete coverage on 2 NEWS beginning at 5.

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