Officials say fireworks enforcement in full force

KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) –  Many people are planning their Fourth of July parties and celebrations, but local police want to make sure you are celebrating safely and following the law.

Officials say they’ll be cracking down on illegal fireworks this year.

Ohio, like several other states, does not allow people discharge fireworks other than sparklers, snaps, black snakes and smoke bombs.

But despite being illegal for usage, many stores are licensed to legally sell fireworks.

If you buy them, you have 48 hours to get them out of Ohio.

Kettering Police Department told 2NEWS people still ignore the law, even after signing the paperwork to purchase their fireworks.

The department respond to at least 8 to 10 calls a week for fireworks this time of year.

Officials say the dangers of fireworks aren’t worth the risk or the citations.

“This time of year it’s extremely hot, extremely dry out your setting off fireworks they can go into a neighbor’s yard, hit a leaf pile that’s in the backyard a brush pile and then we’ve had incidents where they cause fires. They’ve landed on people’s house, catch the houses on fire. They land on cars, damage cars so not only injuries to a person also injury to property that you have to think about out there that you could be causing,” said Lt. William Karolyi with Kettering PD.

Officials say to also supervise kids when using legal displays for your firework festivities.

Another suggestion is to head out to your local park for a professional fireworks display.

For more info on where your local display will take place visit

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