Community garden may be buried under development

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The keepers of a Dayton green space are sounding the alarm, worried about their community garden.

It’s the Garden Station at the corner of Fourth Street and Wayne Avenue.

City leaders say the garden may have to go to make room for economic development.

People even concerned enough to start an online petition gathering more than 2,200 signatures to save Garden Station.

Recycled tile and glass line the entrance to the garden.

Flowers, art, and custom made structures now occupy what used to be a vacant lot of land.

“The reason we did this is because we were trying to fill a void we felt the city really needed,” explained Lisa Helm. “So many organizations and individuals built this space to rebuild or to even tell them that they have to rebuild it, I mean, what kind of message does that send to people that want to help build their city.”

Dayton officials told 2 NEWS city is awaiting a proposal from a developer for the land where Garden Station sits.

No officials plans have been laid out, but if they included the area where the Garden Station calls home, the city could end their lease agreement with the community garden, setting back the six years of work taking roots in this ground.

“The amount of work to redo it, I don’t think people would be on board to this all this over again,” Helm said. “W feel like this should be considered an asset to the neighborhood. So many people that live downtown use this space.”

Volunteers at Garden Station say they would try to buy this land from the city but say it was an option that was never on the table.

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