Playgrounds heat up posing threat to kids

OAKWOOD, Ohio (WDTN)– Playground equipment at local parks heat up with the forecast, creating potentially hot surfaces for children playing.

“Sometimes the swing’s really hot and when I’m wearing shorts there, then my legs kind of get a little hot.”

Seven-year-old Lana Hicks was with her mom and brothers at Orchardly Park Tuesday afternoon.

A temperature gun revealed the surface of the swing she mentioned, was 120.5 degrees.

“I always think about it. Especially with the sun rays and UV rays. I think about it a lot,” said mother of three, Kendra Vennettilli.

With three sons, she said the heat can sometimes wear them out fast, and they want to leave the park sooner.

“The kids are automatically more thirsty. So we all drink more water, and stay cool– stay in the shade more if it’s hotter outside.”

One of the slide’s at Shafor Park was 115 degrees, and a baby swing there gave a reading of 124 degrees– the highest reading of the day.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it doesn’t even have to be hot outside for equipment to heat up, making it more susceptible when temperatures soar.

They said kids should wear pants and shoes– to avoid getting hurt.

Another rule: If the surface is too hot for your hand, it’s likely too hot for a child’s skin.

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