Airport plan gets back to nature

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A unique program at Dayton International Airport is designed to protect you in more ways than one.

A new idea is taking flight here at the Dayton International Airport. 2 N We look at how it can not only save planes, but also the environment.

“We hope other airports will look at what we’re doing in Dayton and possibly replicate this,” said Airport Aviation Director Terrence Slaybaugh.

Slaybaugh is talking about warm season prairie grass. The airport already has some, but through the Aullwood Audubon Center it’s looking at planting another 300 acres.

‘It can actually act as a sink and absorb pollution we’re giving off at the airport,” Slaybaugh explained. “The higher prairie grasses can also scare away geese which fear there might be predators lurking in them.” The geese are a known danger to aircraft if they get into the engines.

Slaybaugh said the move will actually generate more money because of a crop sharing plan they are implementing on their remaining land.

The airport is also trying another method of saving on money and emissions by putting in turf near the runways that does not need mowed as often.

“Once it’s planted we only have to mow it once a year. It’s very slow growing turf,” Slaybaugh said.

Slaybaugh said they hope to have that new turf installed later this summer.

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