Going inside the original Wright plane factory

It’s the real birth place of aviation. The factory where Orville and Wilber Wright built their planes.

For nearly 100 years the buildings were closed to the public. They were a part of General Motors and then later Delphi’s Dayton Home Avenue plant. But their first owners were the Wright Brothers.

The buildings are now in the dark.

“The power to a large part of the building has been turned off because of the demoliton work,” explained Tony Sculimbrene, executive director of the National Aviation Heritage Alliance.

That demolition is taking down the rest of the former Delphi plant. But the buildings that housed the Wright Airplane Factory are being spared.

The National Aviation Heritage Alliance wants to one day turn them into a place people can visit.

The Alliance has taken area leaders on the tours in an effort to get their support for the project. The group is trying to raise $4 million to buy the property.

It’s also working with the National Park Service to see if it can help return the buildings to their former 1910 look.

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