Parade-goers know what they’d tell Governor Kasich given the chance

CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – You might have missed Ohio Governor John Kasich in the Americana Festival parade in Centerville.  We almost did.

As honorary Grand Marshal he shook a few hands, but there wasn’t time for conversation. So 2 NEWS asked parade-goers, given the chance, what would they tell him.

Sherry Betche is a retired educator. She said she’d tell the governor, “Preschool education is needed in Ohio for all public schools. Preschoolers should be able to go to school free, three-year-olds and four-year-olds. I think it’s really important.

Brian Long said, “No more casinos.”

Emerson Browning told 2 NEWS, “I think all humans should have equal rights, no matter what race or gender.”

Pam Elliot: And sexual preference too? That’s a big topic.

Emerson Browning: Sexual preference. I think equal rights, everyone should be equal.

Pam Elliot: And you want him to stand for that?

Emerson Browning:I would like for him to stand for that.

Charles Robinson had a message for the governor too, but for the most part he was just happy to have him in the neighborhood.

“It gives Centerville some recognition statewide and nationally so it’s a good thing,” said Robinson.

Pam Elliot: If you could stop him and tell him one thing what would it be? Charles Robinson: Lower the taxes.

We had been told there would be no media availability, but no one said anything about a selfie.  It was actually his idea.

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